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Elite Sponsorship has an established partnership with LEVEL5 Strategy Group, a leading global strategy firm created to drive branded business growth. With LEVEL5 we share a perspective:  brands are the most misunderstood and underleveraged assets in today’s business world. Together we guide our clients to create the greatest value in theirs.

While others may see brands as logos or visual cues owned by the marketing department, we think your brand has a much larger role to play in your organization and should define:

• Who you are and why someone should repeatedly buy from you

• What sets you apart

• Why someone should work for you

• How you do all this profitably

We partner with organisations to help unite their entire business system – from HR and Operations to Sales and Marketing – around their promise to the market.  This guides every decision and action in order to not just compete but thrive in today’s marketplace.

What we do
Using LEVEL5 proprietary brand building tools, the BrandMap™ family of products, we will work with you to provide the strategic insights, solutions, and ongoing support that both grow and measure your branded business. We use our experience to help you exploit hidden value throughout your organization in order to establish sustainable competitive advantage.

For more information on LEVEL5 and BrandMap™, please go to: Level5 icon

* BrandMap™ is a foundational brand positioning study, that establishes baselines of performance on core metrics and uncovers the key comprehensive set of emotional, functional and personality attributes for brands.  The power of BrandMap™ is that it provides the comprehensive fact-base for determining the strategic direction for growing a brand.

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